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  • Illegal fishers detained

    IUU fishing a major issue. Eight Chinese vessels detained off West Africa for illegal fishing Authorities in West Africa have detained eight Chinese vessels for fishing illegally and the boat […]

  • Pirate fishing Vs AIS

    A small nonprofit caught these “dark” ocean vessels used for pirate fishing. It took less than a minute of satellite time to catch these thieves red-handed ANNALEE NEWITZ The heart […]

  • Illegal fishing prompts concerns

    Illegal fishing was cited by many Somalis as the initial cause of piracy. Somalia: Dozen foreign trawlers arrive Bosaso Port amid concerns of marine exploitation BOSASO, Puntland- Foreign fishing trawlers […]

  • Tackling organised crime

    Often overlooked crime now gets the spotlight. Organised crime in the fisheries sector starts to get the attention it deserves By Emma Witbooi Governments across the world struggle to cope […]

  • Africa’s fisheries fight

    Illegal, unreported, unregulated fishing is becoming a major issue for Africa. Why Africa united to fight illegal fishing WRITTEN BY SAMANTHA MALOOF Earlier this month, over 40 African Union (AU) […]

  • Pirate fishing returns to Indo

    Illegal fishing heads back to Indonesia. Foreign poachers return to Indonesian waters Haeril Halim After almost two months of plain sailing, patrol authorities have again found foreign boats encroaching the […]

  • Safeguarding the fisheries

    Illegal fishing is a major issue in region. Australia, NZ support Solomon Islands Maritime Security Australia and New Zealand are continuing to supporting maritime surveillance and security patrols in Vanuatu […]

  • Indo fires on Chinese boat

    Indonesia continues crackdown on illegal fishing. Indonesian navy fires on Chinese boat, injures fisherman: Beijing ministry BEIJING – An Indonesian naval vessel fired on a Chinese fishing boat on Friday, […]

  • South Africans nab boats

    Crackdown on illegal fishing. South Africans nab boats South African authorities have detained three Chinese vessels and about 100 crew members for alleged illegal fishing in Indian Ocean waters off […]

  • Somalia threatens foreign fleets?

    Potential escalation in Somali waters. Somalia strategy to enforce Illegal fishing Ships like Indonesia Somalia threatened by illegal fishermen after west chases away pirates. Flotillas from Yemen, Iran and South […]