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  • S. Korea up the ante

    IUU fishing issues continue. South Korea raises maritime security in response to illegal Chinese fishing By Elizabeth Shim SEOUL, April 26 (UPI) — South Korea is increasing the number of […]

  • Pirates and Illegal fishing

    Concerns that foreign fleets are destroying fish stocks. The link between illegal fishing and piracy in Somalia By Zeina_Awad When Siad Barre’s government collapsed in 1991 Somalia was plunged into […]

  • IUU fishing boats scuttled

    Indonesia’s clamp down on IUU fishing ongoing. Indonesia Scuttles 30 Vessels in Anti-Illegal Fishing Program Jakarta. Indonesia’s Anti-Illegal Fishing Task Force, or Satgas 115, scuttled 30 vessels in five separate […]

  • Somalia to build Navy

    Somalia will rebuild its Navy to protect the country’s territorial waters and marine resources and ward off illegal foreign fishing entities, Deputy Prime Minister Mohamed Omar Arte has said. Somalia […]

  • USA and Indo fight IUU fishing

    A new strategic partnership to improve marine law enforcement and combat illegal fishing in Indonesia builds on existing progress. Indonesia and US join forces to police the seas Johnny Langenheim […]

  • IOTC head ‘forced to resign’

    Video of killings emerged last year. Newspaper: IOTC head ‘forced to resign’ amid links to videotaped executions Jason Smith A senior executive with the United Nations body that regulates Indian […]

  • IUU fishing a transnational organized crime

    IUU fishing prevention task force conducted 11-month compliance audit on large foreign-built fishing vessels registered in the country. IUU fishing a transnational organized crime: Indonesia By Tama Salim TAIPEI, Taiwan […]

  • Djibouti Code Expanding Scope

    Code to encompass broader range of maritime crimes. Djibouti Code Expanding Scope Beyond Piracy An international agreement that has been instrumental in repressing piracy and armed robbery against ships in […]

  • Somalia threatened by illegal fishermen

    Flotillas from Yemen, Iran and South Korea are breaching international maritime law and plundering the country’s rich fishing grounds. Somalia threatened by illegal fishermen after west chases away pirates Catrina […]

  • Fighting illegal fishing

    Can PMSCs help in the fight against IUU fishing? Thunder Road: Outsourcing the Fight Against Illegal Fishing By Claude Berube Sometimes the problem no one admits to has the answer […]