Tanker Threat

According to specialist “Jihadist monitoring” company, Site Monitoring  – there have been calls amongst the jihadist community to strike maritime targets.

The jihadists have called for attacks on oil tankers, particularly those in waters around the Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa. According to sources there have even been a host of suggestions on how to carry out the attacks.

Similar details were found in Al Qaeda records recovered when Osama Bin Laden’s Pakistan compound was raided by US Forces. It appears that shipping remains an attractive target for terrorist groups.

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One Reply to “Tanker Threat”

  1. Mark Evans

    This is a real threat to a ships crew including a security team, it is all well and good withdrawing to the citadel. If this becomes a trend security teams may be accused of negligence because the security team did not have enough ammunition or suitable weapons for a sustained fire fight. How many companies are operating with Browning bars, Barmatch, Shot guns and rusty AK variants. I suggest many Marsec companies invest in better weapons instead of relying on intervention by naval forces or the pirates running scared.

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