WMD Training

PHL Coast Guardsmen trained to intercept weapons of mass destruction

As part of their anti-terrorism training, Philippine Coast Guardsmen were taught by their US counterparts how to detect and intercept weapons of mass destruction.

The PCG said this maritime law enforcement instructor development course was part of the proliferation security initiative advocated by the United States government.

“The objective of the said anti-terrorism [training] primarily is to for the Philippine Coast Guard to learn new ways in detecting weapons of mass destruction. It also aims to stop its trafficking including its delivery system, advance conventional weapons and other related materials,” the PCG said.

Commander Marco Antonio Gines, commanding officer of the Coast Guard Special Operations Group (CGSOG), said selected students from this course will also conduct the advance boarding course as well as training on radio encryption using the previously donated encrypted radio by the US Export Control and Boarder Security (EXB).

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Article courtesy of GMA News.

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