MCA Approves ECDIS Package

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) has given its formal approval to the Videotel Marine International CBT ECDIS blended learning package. The course is intended for all deck officers. 


Videotel Marine International is delighted to announce that the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) has given its formal approval to the Videotel CBT ECDIS blended learning package.

Nigel Cleave, CEO of Videotel, welcomed the news. “As ECDIS becomes part of the navigational landscape, the industry has responded with a wide range of training options targeted at the seafarer,” he said. “But how does the shipowner or shipmanager sift through the bewildering array of alternatives and select the best route through complex training and ISM compliance issues? The answer must be to select a course tried and trusted by the industry, from a quality training provider and with third party endorsement. “

“The Videotel CBT training package covers perhaps one of the most important subjects we have undertaken in recent years, which delivers a course that provides the very mind-set and understanding so essentially required on the principles of the ECDIS system and how it should be used to facilitate navigational safety,” he added. ”It is extremely encouraging to receive the approval of the MCA and to know that the training we are delivering has met its high-quality standards.”

The Videotel course is intended for all deck officers as part of their mandatory ECDIS training and they will leave with an understanding of the principles of ECDIS, the fundamentals of ECDIS capability and operation and will know how to use the system for route planning and monitoring. Importantly, they will also know the limitations of ECDIS and the dangers of over-reliance.

Once this part of the training has been completed successfully, candidates can progress to an ECDIS Training Consortium (ETC) centre for generic and type-specific simulator training. Alternatively, type-specific training can be conducted online at a later stage through Videotel’s collaboration with Safebridge.

The course is delivered in a modular form, using self-paced, interactive CBT (Computer Based Training). Comprehensive instructions are provided to the candidates to guide them through the course. The CBT contains English text and narration, short video sequences, graphics and interactives.


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