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New product for 2015.

Marine Armor System launches new pioneering manual system for 2015

Following industry feedback, new for 2015, Marine Armor System have launched a manual solution against maritime piracy. The system, based on ballistic blinds and with manual override; provides a lighter, simpler and more cost effective solution.

Designed specifically for windows, portholes and hatches , the new system allows for self- install, with one unit easily installed by two members of the crew within a couple of hours. Weight is reduced by 25%, with no motors, no electronic components, and lighter materials. This results in a total cost reduction of approximately 50% – whilst providing the same level of ballistic protection against piracy, terrorism or sabotage. This is in addition to offering the automatic system which is essential for use on the bridge, and deploys in just a few seconds – at the touch of a button.

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