Sri Lanka floating armoury investigated

Investigation to begin this week.

Shocking revelations of deep security state within the State

Defence Ministry-sponsored private army links up with private maritime company supplying arms

Huge armouries of private firms kept in Galle Navy camp and at BMICH; potential threat to C’wealth leaders and Pope
President calls for explanation from new Defence Secretary for trying to defend predecessors actions

Revelations of corruption, abuse of power and a multitude of other illegal acts under the reign of the previous UPFA Government are unfolding day by day.
In this midst, the role of a private security company which ran a veritable army in a controversial tie-up with a Defence Ministry sponsored security agency, is now under investigation by the Police and has raised some alarming questions. Police sought the advice of the Attorney General as several aspects were uncovered.

They were told last week that the legal issues arising from the tie-up between Rakna Arakshaka Lanka Limited (RALL) and the privately owned Avant Garde Maritime Services Ltd. (AGMSL) needed very close and careful study. Hence, the Attorney General has said that a team of State Attorneys have been appointed to go into all aspects of the matter and advice on the follow-up action required. The team’s task will begin next week. Among matters to be examined is the legality of the operation and whether the Government of Sri Lanka had the legal right to transfer weapons in its possession to a private security company. That too without the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers and without any calls for international tenders thereafter.

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