Security and Counter-Terrorism Summit underway

Somali reps in attendance.

African Security and Counter-Terrorism Summit gets underway

Written by Jonathan Katzenellenbogen

The growing threat of jihadist terrorism, organised crime, and other African security challenges will be examined at a high-level conference, which begins in London this morning. The second annual Africa Security and Counter-Terrorism Summit is bringing together officials from African armed forces and intelligence agencies and representatives from the European Union, United Nations, and donor countries.

The conference comes at a time of both rising security problems across the continent and increased investor interest in Africa as a new growth frontier.

The two day conference will also allow specialist security, border and homeland security companies to show their wares to potential buyers from the continent. Among the sponsors are American Science and Engineering, AS&E, manufacturers of X-ray equipment for use at borders and ports. Cristanini CBRN, which provides decontamination systems, Verint, an intelligence solutions company, and Plasan, which produces vehicle armour.

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