Crew kidnapped off Nigeria

Attack on Offshore Supply Vessel in Nigerian waters.

Crew kidnapped off Nigeria

MTISC-GoG reports that pirates attacked an Offshore Supply Vessel yesterday (March 19th) while operating in the UBIT Exxon MBN field. The report states that an unknown number of pirates attacked the ship and boarded her, kidnapping two crew before leaving. The nationalities of the abducted men is not known at this time, although Western crew are high value targets for kidnap gangs operating in the region.

There are additional reports which suggest a second vessel was also attacked in the vicinity.

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One Reply to “Crew kidnapped off Nigeria”

  1. Capt. Md Ashraful Islam

    Good day,
    This is very unfortunate that seaman are attack and taken hostages.
    Their very helpless while at sea and more over away from their love one.
    This is out of my understanding that why sea trade and seaman are targeted by our world politicians/politics. I don’t know may be I am wrong.
    Hope to see seaman are saved.
    Thanks and Best Regards

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