French firm receives gov’t training approval

French PMSC training centre receives government approval. 

Press Release

KARGUS SEA INTERCONNECTION (KSI), Approved Training Centre for Maritime Security(1), Recognized Security Organization(2) and subsidiary of the holding GROUPE PRORISK(3), is involved since its creation in 2005 in the field of maritime and port security.

KSI has been invited to participate in 2013-2014 to a working group for drafting the French law on private activities of protection of vessels(4) and its implementing decrees.

In order to contribute to the fight against acts of piracy, the French government has approved KSI to provide these professional trainings(5):

• Training of executives of private companies involved in vessel protection ;

• Training of operators employed by private companies of protection of vessels ;

• Refresher training of the competence “use of staffing weapon” of the technical module defined in the Article 1 of the French Decree of January 7, 2015.

This approval is the first of its kind and formalizes the training that KSI provides for three years to vessel protection agents that can now work on vessels flying the French flag. The organization of previous courses “PCASP” (Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel) has trained over 100 trainees since 2012.

Approved by the French Interregional Direction of the Sea – Mediterranean (DIRM MED). 

2 Recognized by the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy. 

3 GROUPE PRORISK owns 100% of the subsidiaries « KSI » and « PRORISK INTERNATIONAL » (Private Maritime Security Company), and aims at providing a global response to the issues of mastery and safeguard of maritime areas ( 

Implementing Decree No. 2014-1415 of 28 November 2014 published in the French Official Gazette No. 0277 of 30 November 2014. 

5 Decision No. 51 of 18 March 2015 approving KSI to deliver the training covered by the decree of January 7, 2015 on the protection of vessels.

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  1. Clément TETU

    Self-satisfaction : only France legislated for this kind of activities. KSI is therefore the only training organization at the international level which provides professional competence covered by a State.

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