Show of Force

On board with the Nigerian Navy.

Show of Force

To demonstrate its capability to curb piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, NNS OKPABANA patrolled the waters for seven days, with naval personnel from 21 countries on-board. Chiemelie Ezeobi who was aboard the ship during the 2015 international maritime interdiction exercise writes

Sometime ago, some personnel of the Nigerian Navy (NN) had sighted some suspected pirates within its waters. Without hesitating, they gave them a chase until they got to the Bight of Benin. But, the authorities in Benin Republic followed after the NN personnel and arrested navy personnel.

Although, the NN had the right to pursue the pirates, they had crossed Nigeria’s territorial waters into another country’s water, thus breaking one of the maritime conventions.

Times without number, one of the many reasons why maritime illegalities continue to thrive is because some of these criminal elements when chased, simply run into others waters and flee to safety. But that was then. The same is no longer obtainable today.

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    With the recent implementation of the ISPS Code in Nigeria, there is a reasonable level of control on vessels and small craft using the jetties and berthing areas along the Nigeria coastline. This will also deter pirate activities in the region.

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