Germany holds piracy workshops

Federal Police run anti-piracy training.

Combat Games for the Jolly Roger in the Baltic

By Eva-Maria Mester

It’s hot and cramped in the engine room of the Rettin; the air is thick with diesel fumes. Suddenly, boots clatter outside, voices clamour in Arabic and an angle grinder screeches as it cuts metal.

Smoke enters the room, where 13 “hostages” huddle together. They are shipping company employees participating in a workshop on piracy prevention held by the federal German police.

“In a real pirate attack, crewmen can hold out in such a safe room for up to 96 hours,” says programme director Klaus Wulf.

Most of the participants have never faced the terrifying realities of modern-day piracy on the high seas. They mostly work at company headquarters and are responsible for the protection of crews and vessels.

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