Pirate acquittal appeal this week

Allegedly attacked MSC Jasmine.

Pirate acquittal appeal this week

An appeal by the Director of Public Prosecutions regarding the decision of the Intermediate Court to acquit the twelve Somali pirates will be heard in Supreme Court this week.

 The various documents have been exchanged between the two parties and the matter will be taken on the merits before the judges Ah Foon Yew Cheong Chui and Asraf Caunhye. 

Twelve Somalis were acquitted in November 2014 by the magistrates Azam Neerooa and Wendy Rangan, sitting as intermediate court. The charges against twelve people had been scratched. However, they remain in detention until the appeal is heard in the Supreme Court. The twelve Somalis in question are Abdeoulakader Mohamed Ali, Said Mohamed Hassan, Ahmed Mohamed Ishmael Shafll Mohamed Osman Hassan Salad Omar Said Omar Farah Abdilahi Ahmed Mohamed Ali Hassan Mohamed Abdi Mohamed Kidiye, Abdi Ahmed Yussouf, Abdillahi Mohamed Ahmed and Mahad Mohamed Ibrahim were prosecuted under Articles 3 (1) (a), 3 (3) and 7 of the ‘Piracy and Maritime Violence Act 2011’.

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