Blue on blue incident in Mediterranean

Reinforces concerns over proposed military action.

EXCLUSIVE: Swedish Coastguard Fires Warning Shots as it Mistakes Italian RHIB for Smuggler Boat


A Swedish coastguard vessel on Monday fired warning shots at an Italian Navy crew which was approaching on a rigid hull dinghy that was mistaken for a smuggler boat, Migrant Report can reveal.

The friendly fire incident was not publicised but a Frontex spokesperson confirmed it, saying that an officer on board the Swedish vessel Poseidon fired multiple warning shots as an Italian navy crew on board a RHIB was approaching.

“I can confirm that warning shots were fired from the Poseidon. However, I have to make clear that they were warning shots. Nobody was injured and nobody was ever in danger,” Frontex spokesperson Ewa Moncure said.

The vessel itself is not armed so some sort of hand-held weapon must have been used. However, Frontex was not in a position to confirm this information either.

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