MAST Weekly Update

Round up of Yemen and Libya news.

MAST weekly update

The aim of MAST’s weekly update is to provide a concise, simple and useful summary of current events in the maritime security environment. This includes intelligence information, ISPS updates and any information on changes to MAST’s business.


A ceasefire between the two warring parties was declared on Sunday to allow humanitarian aid access to areas of need. The ceasefire appears to have not been observed by either party. Control of the Al Anad Air Base 50 km north of Aden is being heavily contested, with the Saudi led coalition attempting to oust Houthi rebels. Access to the port of Aden and adjacent TTW is being controlled by Saudi warships. In the port activity is confined to food aid vessels and their shipments. Despite the recent fighting, infrastructure appears to be largely intact. One of the larger oil tanks has been destroyed by a bomb or missile attack and the jetties and roads are littered with damaged and burnt out vehicles. The jetties are being patrolled by pro-government forces.


The official Government in Tobruk has re-taken Derna and is now seeking to recapture Benghazi from Islamist control. Benghazi’s port remains closed.

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