The Future of Maritime Security

Unique opportunities for maritime CSOs and senior staff.

The Future of Maritime Security 2015-2020

The Security of Seafarers is a board level issue. CSO Alliance, working with BIMCO and Port2Port Maritime, has invited senior speakers to give an insight into the evolving threats facing crews during LISW15.

Major General Martin Smith MBE, Operation Commander EUNAVFOR and Operation Atlanta will present some thoughts on the “Future of Maritime Security” on 9th September. With contributions from the Merchant Marine sector, Giles Noakes, Head of Security for BIMCO will offer insight to “Future Security Strategies for the Maritime Industry”. Mark Sutcliffe, Director CSO Alliance, will also discuss Security Tools and Training. A Crisis Management Workshop, delivered by Port2Port Maritime, will follow the session.

Andrew Varney, Managing Director, Port2Port said,

“As a supporter to LISW15, Port2Port very much hopes that Company Security Officers will have an opportunity to engage with the stakeholders that provide maritime security, both in the private and public sectors. International Navies and Private Security can work together to ensure safe passage and safety of life at sea; dialogue, engagement and an awareness of capability are key to a comprehensive but adaptive approach in supporting global sea trade.”

This event will be an opportunity to hear the very latest developments on the threat facing merchant vessels operating in risk prone areas, how this threat is calculated by the military, and what industry is doing to ensure their fleets are best equipped to face any future threat.

With the probability of a reduced military force in the High Risk Area beyond 2016, now is the ideal time to look at all security options to ensure piracy and maritime crime does not return to the levels experienced between 2010 and 2012. Shipping CEO’s, Directors and their CSO’s will be given insight into the complexities of the current ongoing negotiations to ensure recent lessons identified are being fully utilised to inform future strategies. For example, will BMP4 continue to be the source document? Will the boundaries of the HRA be maintained?

The session is being held at the Cavalry & Guards Club in Piccadilly and begins at 0730 on 9th September. Although brief, is aimed at Shipping CEOs and Directors and will be an ideal opportunity to tackle high-level security issues. Click here to attend.


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