Maritime Security Review Media Information 2010-2011

With its fast growing circulation and strong online presence , Maritime Security Review (MSR) is the fast emerging and leading media presence in the Maritime Security World.
MSR is the leading source of information in the industry, offering a wide range of quality independent value-added services to its readers.
A dedicated editorial team provides high-quality information against cost-effective advertising, a combination which is the major factor behind MSR rise to prominence.

MSR’s aims are to represent the industry and operate as a forum for discussion to serve its readers’ best interests, inviting companies on both the demand and supply side of the business to make regular contributions to strengthen its editorial content. This ensures that MSR is always on the same wavelength as the readership it serves and provides advertisers with real value for money.

If you want to be seen, make sure that you appear on line or in this to directly reaching the
industry’s leading individuals and companies is unmatched. Our key focus is to the thousands of Maritime Company Security Officers, be they in the Merchant Marine, Offshore sector or Ports and Seashore installations. Solely focused on what our readers want, we can take your marketing message and deliver it straight to the people that matter.

Advertisements that appear in MSR are accompanied by high-quality independent editorial, commanding an eye-catching space. We conduct reader research to analyse which articles are read. MSR is a high-quality journal read by senior executives and you can be sure your advertisements will be seen by the people that matter.

With the support of industry partners, MSR’s global circulation is distributed by airmail to more than 2,500 Maritime Company Security Officers who make the key purchasing decisions investing billions of dollars with the purchase and placement of security products and services

64,000 Commercial Ships
1,780 Offshore Rigs
10,000 ports and terminals worldwide

Subscribers also include

Supported by an international team of correspondents and written by award-winning journalists, MSR looks at the issues that are crucial to our sector to senior managers many new and interesting developments that are taking place, the editorial is incisive, analytical, and captures the readers’ attention.

MSR disseminate news daily via

  • Website
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The magazine features news and analysis of the Security Market, Regional and conflict zone reports, industry and equipment reviews, plus company and personality profiles. In addition MSR has regular reports on innovations, safety, insurance, law, recruitment and plus a range of other industry specific topics.
Our editorial features programme is based around extensive reader research and feedback received from our diverse and numerous industry contacts. Below is our editorial calendar for 2010/2011. We intend to distribute extra copies of the magazine at a number of international exhibitions and conferences including…

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