Anatomy of A Cyber Intrusion

US Navy takes cyber threat seriously.

Know the Anatomy of A Cyber Intrusion

By Joseph R. Fonseca

Compromising the cyber integrity of the network threatens every user and every system on your ship or in your building. Violating security best practices, circumventing security policies, carelessness and falling victim to social networking exploits opens the door to cyber adversaries who can exploit vulnerabilities which may directly impact our Navy’s warfighting capability and potentially threaten our lives.

Cyber foes are no longer just recreational hackers in pursuit of bragging rights. They are cyber-criminals, cyber-terrorists and nation-states who are in constant pursuit of access to our systems. They can corrupt our Navy’s data, shut down our networks and business systems, steal our science or technology and compromise the systems that run our ships, aircraft and weapons-at keystroke speeds.

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