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  • Royal Yacht Association Databreach

    On 17 Jan 2020, the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) announced that “an unauthorised party” stole the data from a membership database. The data breach involved theft of RYA members’ personal […]

  • Seatrade & Cyber

    Maritime cyber security strategies continue to develop. Information sharing key to fighting cyber crime The maritime industry needs to undergo a cultural change concerning the sharing of information on cyber […]

  • USN contractor hacked

    Huge data breach investigated. China hackers steal data from US Navy contractor – reports The FBI is investigating after the Chinese government hacked a US Navy contractor and stole highly […]

  • Maritime cyber security

    The recent NotPetya malware attack, which affected Maersk in the shipping sector as well as a large number of other firms, has served as a wake up call to the […]

  • BIMCO: Cyber security

    BIMCO turns its attention to the cyber threat. Cyber Security interview with Phil Tinsley, Manager, BIMCO Maritime Security BIMCO’s Phil Tinsley discusses the risk of cyber security in shipping and […]

  • Port hacking threat

    Data protection event hears organisations must be ready for new EU rules in 2018 Hacking attacks on ports among new security threats, conference told Elaine Edwards There has been an […]

  • DCNS Suffers Security Breach

    Leak outlines the secret combat capability of six submarines that DCNS has designed for the Indian Navy. Submarine Builder DCNS Suffers Security Breach The French shipbuilder which earlier this year […]

  • The maritime security cyber threat

    Insights for the Maritime Industry from the BIMCO Annual Conference The maritime security cyber threat An Interview with Andrew Fitzmaurice, CEO Templar Executives Maritime security and the Cyber Threat was […]

  • Anatomy of A Cyber Intrusion

    US Navy takes cyber threat seriously. Know the Anatomy of A Cyber Intrusion By Joseph R. Fonseca Compromising the cyber integrity of the network threatens every user and every system […]

  • Cyber incidents at US ports

    Coast Guard concerned over malicious and non-malicious incidents. Coast Guard official: Cyber incidents with physical consequences impacting the maritime transportation system By Molly Bernhart Walker Cyber threats are real and […]