China’s advanced CG ships

China’s hefty patrol ships.

Bigger Is Often Better For The Coast Guard

In 2014 China commissioned a new and exceptionally large (4,000 ton) patrol ship for its Coast Guard. That was just the beginning an even larger, 12,000 ton, patrol ship (CCG 3901) is nearing completion. While neither of these huge patrol vessels carriers much in the way of weapons both have surface and air search radars, a helicopter, boarding craft and space for several hundred people. These could be victims of some maritime disaster, or troops for some emergency in the South China Sea (like reinforcing the garrison of an artificial island). The 12,000 ton patrol ship apparently will have a 76mm gun, two smaller (30mm or so) autocannon and two heavy machine-guns.

The 4,000 ton large patrol ships have top speed of 36 kilometers an hour and supplies (food, fuel) to stay at sea for at least three weeks at a time. These ships have a desalination system to supply their own water at sea and an all-electric drive and a propulsion system designed to give the ship high maneuverability and the ability to maintain position in rough weather.

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