Deadly Week off Libya

Refugees continue to perish at sea.

Deadly Week off Libya: 160 Feared Drowned


More than 160 migrants are feared to have perished off Libya this week in two separate accidents off the coast of Zawiya, a coastal town that has become the new focal point for departures from the North African coast.

On March 30, the Libyan coastguard and an Italian tug boat rescued more than 170 people from two separate boats that ran into trouble around 12 miles off Zawiya. One of the boats had deflated with 140 people on board, while the other collapsed, spilling most of the 85 people on board into the sea.

Only 31 people were rescued from this second boat, while the the entire group from the first vessel was brought back to shore, where survivors were treated by the Libyan Red Crescent (LRC).

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