A look at the Pakistan Navy

A look at the Pakistan Navy.

Combatting Traditional and Non-Traditional Threats at Sea


Navies all over the world, by virtue of the peculiar characteristics they are endowed with, play a significant role at all times in preserving the sanctity of the nation’s shores. Non-traditional challenges at sea like piracy, terrorism, poaching, narco-smuggling, gun-running, human trafficking and environmental degradation have not only attained prominence, but tend to crop up in areas where they face the least resistance, thereby prompting the need for constant vigilance. Like in all illegal activities, there are fabulous sums of money to be made, which attracts all manner of criminal elements and even criminal enterprises in its fold. The involvement of organised crime in turn raises the bar for ruthlessness and violence at sea.

A more worrying prospect is the nexus that tends to develop between such criminal activities, which enable the diversion of proceeds thus generated towards fuelling terrorism and insurgencies. The sea is a particularly inviting medium on this count as its vast remoteness encourages such activities to thrive under the radar of the law enforcement agencies.

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