Italy swoops on smugglers

Traffickers captured by Italians.

Italy arrests 38 suspected migrant smugglers who ‘sold organs’ for $15,000

At least 38 suspected migrant smugglers have been arrested in Italy who are thought to belong to an international trafficking network involved in organ trafficking.

Palermo’s anti-mafia unit launched an investigation after receiving testimony from Nuredin Weharabi Atta, a people smuggler sentenced to five years in prison by an Italian court this year. According La Repubblica, apart from the flourishing illegal immigration racket operating in the Strait of Sicily, there has been evidence of organ trafficking too. Traffickers reportedly sold the organs of hundreds of migrants that had not survived the journey to Italy. Worse still, some of those unable to pay the fee were killed for their organs, which the smugglers then sold for up to $15,000, including those of children.

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