Still no word on crew kidnap

No word on ransom demand.

Sabah still has no leads on missing 5 Malaysian sailors

Sabah authorities said it has no confirmation whether the Filipino militant group Abu Sayyaf was behind the disappearance of 5 Malaysian sailors off Lahad Datu town in Sabah near Tawi-Tawi province in southern Philippines.

Malaysia’s The Star Online reported on Wednesday that Sabah Police Commis¬sioner Datuk Abdul Rashid Harun as saying that they do not have any confirmation whether the Abu Sayyaf kidnapped the crew – Abd Rahim Summas, 62, Tayudin Anjut, 45, Fandy Bakran, 26, Mohd Zumadil Rahim, 23 and Mohd Ridzuan Ismail, 32 – of the tugboat Seruduna 3 on July 18.

“We are not discounting the possibility of kidnapping, but we do not have any confirmation at this moment,” Rashid said during a news conference in Lahad Datu.

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