US Navy move to Red Sea

Fuzzy and contradicting details surround the brazen attack on the high-speed catamaran.

Report: Navy Sending Ships To Mandeb Strait Following HSV-2 Swift Attack


Fox News is reporting that US Navy vessels are headed to the Mandeb Strait, where Houthi rebels successfully attacked the UAE-operated high-speed logistics ship Swift. According to the report, two Arleigh Burke class destroyers and the USS Ponce are moving into the area.

The Ponce is America’s specially equipped anti-mine and special operations forward staging sea base in the Persian Gulf, so moving it from that critical area seems like a huge commitment–one which will leave a capability gap in a region where the US is heavily engaged. As such, ordering Ponce to reposition to Red Sea or the Gulf of Aden seems highly unlikely. That is, unless a larger plan is underway wherin the US increases its involvement in the Yemeni civil war, or at least the larger strategic maritime implications surround it.

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