Yemeni maths issue?

How many? Really? 40 ‘warships’? REALLY?

Forty Iranian Warships Violate Yemeni Territorial Waters

By Arafat Madabish and Abdul Hadi Habtoor

Aden, Riyadh- High-ranking Yemeni sources told Asharq Al-Awsat that around forty Iranian warships violated on Wednesday Yemeni territorial waters. According to Yemeni government sources, there is a huge probability that these warships were smuggling weapons for the Houthis and transporting mercenaries from some African countries to join the insurgents.

“The Yemeni cabinet session, on Wednesday, discussed this issue and the way to protect Yemeni territorial waters; the government asked the Arab coalition forces to help guard the Yemeni waters and decided to address the U.N. and Security Council on the repeated violations by the Iranian warships,” reported the sources.

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