Pirates and criminal masterminds

John Steed discusses modern pirate gangs.

Sea pirates of the 21st century are gangs run by criminal masterminds – hostage negotiator

The high seas in the 21st century are as dangerous as ever. Pirates are not just a legend from the past, but a modern day threat – though they certainly lack the charm of their Caribbean predecessors. They roam the waters on tiny skiffs instead of proud frigates, and deal not in gold but in the lives of hostages. Who are these predators of the international waters?

How do they capture their victims, and how do they bargain and survive? We ask a man who has negotiated with pirate groups to secure the release of hostages, a senior adviser to the UN’s Maritime crime program, coordinator of the Hostage Support Partnership for Oceans Beyond Piracy – Colonel John Steed.

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Source: rt.com

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