A Russian-Chinese Naval Partnership?

China and Russia’s navies allign.

A Russian-Chinese Naval Partnership?

By The Lowy Interpreter 2017-07-12 21:21:12

[By James Goldrick]

On 18 June, a small Chinese task group consisting of the Type 052D air warfare destroyer Changsha, the frigate Yungchen and a replenishment ship, together with embarked marines, sailed from Sanya in Hainan bound for the Baltic and Exercise “Joint Sea 2017” with the Russian Navy.

The exercise, which will take place in late July, carries certain messages.

Firstly, it is one element in Xi Jinping’s drive to make China a global power. Chinese warships now regularly deploy all over the world and the frequency of such operations is likely to increase even further. This will be the second PLA Navy deployment to the Baltic in recent years.

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Source: maritime-executive.com

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