Superyacht cyber safety

Are you safe on your superyacht? Probably not  

You have spent millions on your glorious, gargantuan superyacht. You have all the latest technology and high-spec toys, as well as a legion of staff. You are king of this shiny, floating island. But you are also more vulnerable than ever.

Imagine you’re aboard a superyacht, cruising pristine tropical waters among islands of swaying palms and beaches of powdery white sand. An attentive steward stands by with exotic cocktails as you lounge on a sun-drenched deck, cooled by the ocean breeze. Suddenly, you notice a change in the crew’s behaviour. They start hurrying around, looking nervous. What’s happening? The yacht seems to be going very fast. That island it was heading for is now abeam. Word spreads swiftly through the ship – the computer systems have been hacked, someone is controlling the yacht remotely.

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