Clan and militia fighting in Galmadug could see pirate gangs slip back in to region.

ESPS Rayo welcomes Galmadug Coast Guard

Operation Atalanta sailors have been working alongside the Galmadug Coast Guard (GCG) to offer medical and security training on board EU Naval Force ship ESPS Rayo.

The local interaction with the GCG saw the Spanish sailors providing both medical and security training to the GCG in order to strengthen maritime security in the region. The two teams then got to work on engine maintenance drills before meeting with local Security Forces.

Working closely with regional partners like the GCG helps to improve maritime alliances and create a safer environment for all seafarers transiting through the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. However, the threat from pirate groups remains so EU NAVFOR continues to advise mariners to remain vigilant and ready. Furthermore it is vitally important that mariners report all suspicious sightings and incidents, at the time they observe them, to UKMTO.


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