Maritime embraces Galileo

A first, EU researchers developed innovative technology using Galileo-type signals for maritime surveillance. Relevant authorities will now be able to continually and reliably monitor maritime traffic.

Maritime embraces Galileo technology

Combating irregular migration, human smuggling, piracy and other types of transnational crimes as well as increasing maritime traffic safety has become a high priority on Europe’s maritime agenda. These critical maritime issues require new or improved systems to detect and localise ships.

Satellite-based radar systems make it possible to extend maritime surveillance capabilities and enable systematic monitoring of a site. This is where the spyGLASS project comes in. A multi-national European consortium comprising companies and research institutes introduced a prototype of passive bistatic radar (PBR) technology based on Galileo transmissions. The newly developed technology is completely passive (i.e. without a transmitter) low-cost, allows covert operation and reduces environmental impact.

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