Dealing with drug smugglers

Drug traffickers who dare navigate in Salvadoran waters are likely to get arrested.

Salvadoran Naval Force Deals Blow to Narcotrafficking

Julieta Pelcastre

In early May 2018, Naval Task Force Trident of the Salvadoran Naval Force (FNES, in Spanish), identified and intercepted a vessel 290 nautical miles off the coast of Punta Remedios, department of Sonsonate. Aboard, authorities found 33 packages containing 947 kilograms of cocaine worth $25 million.

With information from U.S. Coast Guard aircraft, FNES used a maritime patrol and two outboard-powered speedboats to carry out the interdiction operation as part of the cooperation and security agreements between both countries. The information enabled naval authorities to seize the suspicious vessel and drug cargo.

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