Porous ports

Porous ports cause security concerns.

Port pirates must be eliminated

COMMENT: Piracy at sea targeting cargo carrying vessels is an unfortunate reality most of us are familiar with, but piracy at berth or anchor in port is a new development, writes Mike Mundy.

This, however, is now a reality in Nigeria which has seen the rise and rise of this phenomenon which, according to local reports, got underway on March 2 this year with an attack on the Pamyat at Berth 14, Lagos Port Complex, Apapa. Asia Ruby was similarly attacked at the same berth in the early hours of April 24 and attacks also took place at the Tin Can Port Island Port Complex on March 3 on Aquata and Sichem New York which were discharging cargoes at Berths 2 and 1 respectively, operated by Josepdam. Four days later another attack took place at Josepdam on the Kiana which was alongside discharging bulk sugar.

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Source: portstrategy.com

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