Airbus Defence and Space and CSO Alliance Ltd. Form Relationship with Agora Nexus

Agora Nexus is pleased to announce a relationship with Airbus Defence and Space and its partner CSO Alliance Ltd. who will be participating at the upcoming Energy-Ops Security Agora Lagos in Lagos, Nigeria on April 10 2019.

The closed-door session will bring thirty-five senior security heads from across the oil and energy sector to discuss challenges and benchmark strategies around criminal activity and protecting mission-critical assets and personnel. Important players from across Nigeria as well as international representation from Houston, Dubai, Nederland’s and Somalia will participate in the meeting.

Airbus Defence and Space will be involved in a discussion point around transferrable learning and their Satellite Imagery solutions for monitoring assets, under the topic: “Why is crime not reported? The power of ‘Security through Community’ and the use of Satellite imagery to protect assets.”

For more information please contact Phil Manny at at Agora Nexus.

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