Nationwide Strike Impacts Algerian Ports

Large parts of Algeria were brought to a standstill on Sunday as tens of thousands of workers joined the start of a five-day general strike to demand an end to President Abdelaziz Bouteflika’s regime.

The movement against the Bouteflika government, which has seen student-led demonstrations since February 22 drawing in ever-broader sections of the population, is entering a new stage.

The call for the strike has been spread online through social media by workers acting independently of the trade unions, impacting the education and transport sectors, including ports.

Workers shut down the port of Bejaïa, a northeastern city on the Mediterranean, as well as the Bejaïa plant of Cevital, which produces sugar, oil and other agrifood products. It is the largest private company in the country. Port workers struck in Djendjen (Jijel) and Skidda. Al Jazeera reported yesterday that exports were not affected, however.

Source: WSWS


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