Vietnam Fisheries Association Calls to Require China to Compensate Fishermen

March 18: The Vietnam Fisheries Association has asked the Chinese government to compensate fishermen for the sinking of their ships in the Paracel Sea and condemned the sinking as inhumane, endangering life and causing financial damage.

The Vietnam Fisheries Association has proposed that the Vietnamese authorities pressure the Chinese government to stop attacks on Vietnamese fishing vessels operating in waters claimed by Vietnam as their territory. At the same time, the Fisheries Association stressed that there must be strong repurcutions for such actions, requiring China to pay damages to Vietnamese fishermen.

In addition, the Chairman of Vietnam Fisheries Association also asked authorities to strengthen the maritime patrol force to promptly support and ensure safety for fishermen and prevent such actions. He also called on offshore fishermen to support each other’s rescue when attacked by Chinese ships.

Context: In March, while fishing in the area near Da Loi island (Paracel Islands), the Quang Ngai fishing vessel was reportedly attacked by Chinese ships. Five fishermen on the ship called for help and were rescued by a Vietnamese fishing vessel and safely brought to the mainland. Total losses are reported up to three billion. On March 7, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman voiced that the Chinese rescued victims of the sunken Vietnamese fishing vessel in Hoang Sa. A Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman stated on March 8 that the Ministry was looking into the case and verifying statements.

Source: RFA

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