2,202 Kilos of Cocaine Seized at Callao Port, Peru

April 23: Police and Customs officers seized 1,851 brick-shaped packages of cocaine in the port of Callao this week, weighing a total of 2,202 kilos.  The drugs were found aboard a Liberian-registered ship, the MSC Carlotta, which had sailed from Chile and was bound for Panama and Belgium.

The packages were found in 64 suitcases and sacks in a container. Another 21 containers loaded in Chile were being inspected but police believe the drugs container was loaded in Callao.

The street value in Europe of cocaine is around $60,000 per kilo, Customs officers said.

Despite constant drug traffic via small aircraft from Madre de Dios to Bolivia and via other ports on the coast north and south of Lima, Callao remains the main exit route for drug trafficking in Peru.

Source: Peruvian Times

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