$438m Worth of Methamphetamine Seized at Port Botany, Australia

April 07: Australian Border Force agents have found almost $500 million worth of methamphetamine stuffed inside refrigerators in a shipping container from Singapore bound for Sydney’s west.

Authorities uncovered 585kg of methamphetamine inside a shipping container in Port Botany, which arrived in late March.

The huge haul of crystal methamphetamine is understood to be the largest shipment of the drug to be seized this year.

In a bid to avoid detection the drug traffickers had labelled the shipment ‘electronic ovens’.

However, police became suspicious when they saw the shipment contained 11 fridges, and machine X-rays revealed ‘inconsistencies’ with the construction of the appliances.

Police suspect the cartel behind the $438million shipment has links to the Fairfield area, and the huge batch of drugs was due to be delivered to a western Sydney address.

Australian Border Force acting regional commander Garry Low confirmed seven of the fridges had been rammed with 561 packets of methamphetamine.

‘The concealment itself was fairly crude. The refrigeration components at the rear of the fridges had been removed and simply replaced with packages of methylamphetamine,’ he said.

‘Over the past year, we have found illicit substances in everything from highlighters to meat mincing machines.

‘No matter how you try and hide it, ABF officers have the expertise and technology to find it,’ Mr Low added.

Source: Daily Mail

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