645kg Marijuana Seized En Route from Haiti to Dominican Republic

March 30: Early Saturday morning, the Dominican Navy seized 645 kg of marijuana distributed in 151 packages, that 4 individuals tried to enter the Dominican territory aboard a boat about 8 m in the area of ​​Cabo Pequeño, near Isla Beata (Southwest).

The individuals fled by abandoning their boat after being spotted by two naval units of the Dominican Navy heading for them. Authorities carry out operations and research to return these individuals.

The marijuana, was transferred to one of the naval units of the Dominican Navy and after being delivered to the agents of the National Directorate of Drug Control (DNCD) the drug was transported to Santo Domingo. The boat was towed to the Naval Base on Beata Island.

This interception is the result of the increased presence of armed forces throughout Haiti’s land and sea border with the Dominican Republic to combat smuggling, drug trafficking, firearms and illegal Haitian migrants..

Note that this seizure of narcotics is the 5th that the Dominican Navy has carried out since the beginning of the year in support of the DNCD.

Source: Haiti Libre

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