Attempted Boarding and Shots Fired near Guayaquil, Ecuador

April 01: At 07:45 UTC a duty officer onboard a containership under pilotage noticed a fast-moving target on the radar approaching from astern in position 02:31.8 S, 080:05.4 W, around 3.6nm WNW of Isla Escalante, Guayas, Ecuador.

Crew alerted, and both searchlights were directed towards the approaching boat. A second boat was noticed. One boat, with around 10 persons with grappling hooks followed the ship, the other, approached the ship from the starboard side and attempted to hook on a telescopic ladder to the ship’s rails. The pilot notified port control and the coast guard. The persons fired a few shots towards the search lights resulting in all crew retreating into the bridge and accommodation. Later the boats aborted their approach and moved away. All crew safe.

Source: ICC

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