Costa Rican Authorities Seize Almost Three Tons of Cocaine So Far This Week

April 18: In separate police raids, Costa Rican authorities confiscated almost three tons of cocaine this week with a street value of over 33 million USD.

Police operations carried out in the South Pacific of Costa Rica concluded with a total 456 kilograms of cocaine seized and four men arrested.

Public Police Force located a vessel carrying the load of drugs in the area of Dominical in the South Pacific and immediately proceeded to coordinate with Coast Guard Services, and Air Surveillance.

The Drug Control Police verified that the packages found contained cocaine and confirmed the total weight.

Three of the men arrested were of Colombian nationality, Rendón Valencia, 26 years of age; Valencia Huila, 24 years of age and Banquera Rebolledo 63 years of age; the fourth man is a Costa Rican with the last name Arguello Bejarano who is 67 years of age.

The second confiscation took place in Flamingo, Guanacaste, where the police intercepted a boat with 1,041 kilograms of cocaine, four men of last names Jaén Valencia, Artavia Abarca, Mendiola Gutiérrez and Jirón Barrantes were arrested and put in preventive custody.

Finally, another 1,400 kilograms of cocaine were found by Drug Control Police hidden in a container located at the port of Moin, Limon, the container was destined for Europe; Costa Rican police acted with the help of the Colombian Army, apparently the drugs belong to the organization known as Clan del Golfo one of the largest drug trafficking organizations in Colombia.

Source: The Costa Rica Star

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