Two New Tankers Targetted Near Strait of Hormuz – Early Reports Indicate Possible Projectiles

June 13: Two more vessels have reportedly been attacked, almost exactly a month after three vessels were attacked by likely limpet mines off the coast of Fujairah in the territorial waters of the UAE.

Preliminary reports indicate that the vessels involved were both underway in the Gulf of Oman, near the Strait of Hormuz, and were identified as:

  • FRONT ALTAIR (IMO 9745902, Marshall Islands-Flagged Crude Oil Tanker)
  • KOKUKA COURAGEOUS (IMO 9568495, Panama-Flagged Oil/Chemical Tanker operated by a Japanese company)

Reports indicate that damage to the FRONT ALTAIR is extensive caused by a possible projectile. All 23 crew safely evacuated and initially recovered by Marshall Islands-Flagged HYUNDAI DUBAI. As of this morning, the vessel reportedly was on fire, and has a hole at the water line.

UNCONFIRMED reports indicate the second vessel, KOKUKA COURAGEOUS sustained hull damage and 21 of its crew were evacuated, with at least one CM suffering minor injuries.

According to Iranian media, 44 crew from the two tankers have been transferred to the Iranian port of Hormozgan.

Source: WSJ, AP, & Reuters


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