Two Trucks Hijacked After Departing Rio de Janeiro Port

May 30: According to local media, two trucks were hijacked – and their drivers temporarily kidnapped – shortly after departing Rio de Janeiro Port. They were headed in the direction of Itatiaia, in the South Fluminense, via Rodovia (Highway) Presidente Dutra, when they were reportedly surrounded by three vehicles in the vicinity of Paracambi. Approximately 60 men are suspected of having participated in the hijacking.

One of the truck drivers reported that the assailants were hooded and could not be identified, and that he and the other driver/s were held for approximately three and a half hours. One of the trucks was disabled and therefore abandoned, while the assailants took the second truck (worth approx. R $700) to Vila Cruzeiro, in the Penha Complex.

The owner of the truck reportedly did not wish to disclose the contents of the truck, nor wait for police, and instead rented a helicopter to search for the stolen truck. The businessman located the vehicle within about 35 minutes, but the assailants then proceeded to shoot at the helicopter. Military Police proceeded to try to recover the truck, but were allegedly forced to retreat (local media reports about 20 policemen were involved in the response, against approximately 60 assailants.)

The truck – empty of its contents – was found abandoned, and the kidnapped drivers released, approximately 4 hours after the incident began.

Source: Globo

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