UNCORROBORATED Report of Islamic State Planning Attack on UK Tourists in Mediterranean

June 02: Uncorroborated media reports that the Islamic State (IS) is planning “Sri Lanka-style attacks” (referring to the Easter Sunday attack that killed approx. 250 people this year) on British tourists in the Mediterranean.

Media reports that British intelligence services have issued a memo stating that Islamist extremists could “target hotel locations to kill, injure or take hostage” tourists, further outlining a list of possible countries that this could take place, including Spain, Turkey, Greece, the Spanish island of Tenerife, Morocco, and Tunisia.

It is currently unclear whether there is any new information suggesting a specific plot as described above, or whether the memo was referring to the known risk to soft targets (such as tourist hotels, beaches, etc.) and to citizens of countries involved in fighting the Islamic State.

However, the media reports do come a week after the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UK FCO) updated its travel advice for Spain, which reads “Terrorists are likely to try to carry out attacks in Spain.” This may indicate new information that reflects a heightened threat.

Source Referred To: The Sun

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