9 Stowaways Found in Container in Greece

June 22: According to a Greek Coast Guard statement issued on June 22, nine stowaways on the container vessel STADT DRESDEN were taken into custody on the morning of June 22.

The crew had found the stowaways hidden in a container after they’d surreptitiously boarded the ship in Casablanca, Morocco, intending to get to Europe. STADT DRESDEN arrived at Piraeus Anchorage, Greece, on June 20, whereupon authorities were duly informed of the presence of illegal persons on board.

According to local media, the Greek Coast Guard interrogated the stowaways and found out that the stowaways intended to disembark in another European country after Greece. The next port of call would have been Zeebrugge, Belgium.

It is currently unclear why the Coast Guard waited until June 22 to take the stowaways into custody, rather than at the time of reporting on June 20.

Source: FleetMon

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