Boarding and Robbery Aboard Ro-Ro/Passenger Vessel in Calabar River, Nigeria

July 28: On 28 July 2019 at approx. 15:45 LT, the ro-ro/passenger vessel AUSTRHEIM was attacked by 7 armed men aboard one coastal patrol craft. The AUSTERHEIM had 10 crew members and 39 passengers aboard at the time and was underway from Calabar to Limbe (close to Tom Shot Point in the Calabar River).

3 attackers boarded the AUSTRHEIM, of which one carried an unspecified firearm and robbed the passengers of their valuables, before then disembarking from the AUSTRHEIM and moving away toward the creeks.

No one was reported injured, nor kidnapped. The AUSTRHEIM then proceeded to her destination.

The AUSTERHEIM was previously attacked on March 20 2019, when 5 crew members were kidnapped.

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