CSO Alliance Platform Update

The new platform for CSO Alliance Ltd. (the authors of the Maritime Security Review) is almost built. Once complete the next stage is to migrate the data from the old platform and then conduct a series of stringent tests to ensure its functionality and security integrity. Once completed, the new platform will launch.

Following launch, we will begin an incremental rollout of a number of exciting new features that will improve the overall service we deliver to our members and partners. Membership administration processes will be automated, minimising the administrative burden on our members.

One of the key changes on launch will be the introduction of a two-tiered membership system that will offer different levels of service:

  • REGULAR – Structured along the lines of our existing membership package, members will continue to have access to all current features (including incident reports, analysis and collaboration tools) while enjoying the benefits of the improved functionality of the new platform. Regular members will be able to trial access premium membership, as well as limited access to our new Route Risk Assessment Tool.
  • PREMIUM – Premium members will receive all of the Regular member services plus access to new features such as Route Risk Assessment, a mobile app, and enhanced collaboration tools that will be incrementally rolled. Premium members will also be entitled to commission a limited number of bespoke protective security, regional or thematic threat assessments produced by our highly trained intelligence team.

CSO Alliance has invested a considerable amount of time and money to provide our members with a state of the art platform and built in the features that you have been asking for. We have built this platform in collaboration with our members and for our members. So whether you are a CSO, Port Security Office or a Cyber Information Security Officer, CSO Alliance is the one stop shop for your security and risk management needs.

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