New Militant Group Emerges in Niger Delta, Gives SPDC 14 Days Ultimatum to Vacate E. A Field

July 18: In what appears as a looming danger in the Niger Delta region, a new militant group under the aegis of Expendable Group has emerged issuing a 14-day ultimatum to the management of the Shell Petroleum Development Company, SPDC to vacate the multi-billion naira E. A field.

The group issued the warning yesterday in a letter signed by its national spokesman, self-styled Gen. Torunanawei, alias Torubebe-Ike, copies of which were made available to newsmen in Yenagoa.

However, stating the position of the group, Gen. Torunanawei had vowed that the SPDC must comply with the 14 days ultimatum notice given to it, otherwise, it will defile all security operatives and make the “river bloody”.

Announcing the reasons behind their anger in the letter, the Niger Delta Expendable Group had maintained that since the operation of SPDC in the E. A field, kingdoms hosting the multi-billion naira facility had been living in penury as the company lacks respect for traditional institutions and others in their host kingdoms, stressing that they are tired of poverty and untold hardship.

The group had however boasted that it controls the entire waterways in the Niger Delta region, insisting that SPDC must leave its territory for good as the oil belongs to the people.

The strongly worded letter reads in part: “We write with deep pain and trouble in our hearts, about your neglect and refusal to akin to the voice of the EXPENDABLE GROUP of Niger Delta. We have seen all your greed and self-centered way of operation which has been your tradition over the years. We can’t number or list your selfish and wicked operational pattern.

“The river belongs to us and as such we are tired of all the struggling and poverty life-style you have meted out on our people, we longer catch fishes in our river anymore due to your oil exploration in our waterways and you also refused to give out the surveillance which could have helped reduce the high level of poverty, instead you went ahead bringing military personnel that intimidates and make life miserable for our people.

“It is time we rise to our responsibilities as the landlords and the owners of the oil.

“We the EXPENDABLE GROUP of Niger Delta which controls the riverine in the whole Niger Delta wishes to state here with the troubles in our hearts, as a result of pains which has taken over the heart of individuals in the riverine. We have watched your greedy operational pattern and right now, we are tired of your unwanted practices in the riverine especially the “Sea eagle” the E.A field. You have decided not to give the expected recognition desired to traditional institutions and the youths at large without the knowledge of the main landlords and the rightful owners of the oil you explore. But you go about giving Contracts to your surrogates as if it’s your father’s business. No major contract has been given to indigenes but to foreigners who we know nothing about’

“We know you have the security at your disposal to oppress and do whatever you like, but we promise you that, the river shall not be conducive for your greedy and selfish operations. If you like take this advice or ignore it. Enough is enough.

“We are therefore giving the Shell Petroleum Development Company, SPDC, operators of the E.A Field 14 days ultimatum from the receipt of this letter to pack and leave our domain without any further delay.

“If you like put together all your military arrangements to any level, but expect the music of the sea because we are ready to cross the red sea with anybody especially you. Failure to adhere to this warning shall lead to making life in the riverine and creeks unbearable for all of us. We will make the river bloody. Be warned…. A word they say is enough for the WISE. Thanks. Signed, Gen. Torunanawei, alias Torubebe- Ike”

E. A Field At A Glance

EA is a major SPDC development project. The field is 15 km southwest of the mouth of the Dodo River and 90 km southwest of Warri. Since the field’s discovery in 1965, 17 appraisal wells have been drilled in three successive campaigns to delineate the hydrocarbon accumulations. It was not until the late 1990s, however, that the combined impact of improvements in technology and cost optimization made it feasible to economically develop the field.

The development plan for the field includes drilling 55 wells. The first phase of the plan involved constructing three platforms and several subsea pipelines/umbilicals in addition to the FPSO and its associated mooring system, which were carried out by KBR.

An EPIC contract was awarded to KBR for the production facilities, including supplying and integrating the FPSO processing systems with the hull facilities to handle 170,000 b/d of liquids. Systems include process modules, the mooring frame, and a flare tower. The contract also encompasses a soft yoke mooring platform (SYMP) comprising a jacket structure and piles, a mooring head and swivel, and a yoke connection to the FPSO.

The contract for the FPSO mooring, topsides integration, and operations support for the EA project is being carried out through KBR’s affiliated Nigeria operating unit, Halliburton West Africa Ltd., in association with its affiliate, Halliburton Operations Nigeria Ltd. The contract involves a global execution plan, including engineering, procurement, and construction activities in Nigeria, the UK, Monaco, the US, Korea, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Singapore.

Source: Liberator NG

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