Over Two Tons of Cocaine Seized Aboard Vessel in Port of Praia, Cape Verde

August 05: Cape Verde authorities on Monday announced the seizure of nearly 2.3 tons of cocaine aboard a ship calling at Praia, the capital of the archipelago.

The boat, named PERPETUAL HELP OF ABAETE II also carried on board five individuals of Brazilian nationality, who were detained.

According to one media report, “this operation was developed by the local police following an exchange of operational information with the MAOC-N (Center for Analysis and Maritime Operations – Narcotics), based at Lisbon, and with the cooperation of the Brazilian Federal Police “. [translated]

On January 30 Cape Verdean authorities seized a record-breaking 9.5-tonnes of cocaine aboard a Panamanian ship operated by a Russian crew. That vessel was later linked to the port of Tangier, Morocco and is believed to have called in Cape Verde due to the death of a crew member.

Source: Tribune Ouest

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