Ghana Calls for More Deterrent Measures for Stowaways From Other African Countries

September 12: The Tema Port Security Manager, Colonel Joseph Malik Punamane, has urged security agencies in other African countries to meet stowaways with more deterrent punishments, in order to stop the menace of stowaways on the continent.

He, however, stated that the Tema Port Security remains so robust, it cannot serve as a conduit for stowaways to use in illegal travel overseas.

“Over here, because of the measures we take, it is difficult to on embark stowaways from this port,” he stated.

The Tema Port PSM encouraged security agencies working in other African Ports to tighten up its measures to prevent stowaways from succeeding to sneak through their ports.

“The problem we are having at hand is people embarking from other ports so we hope our neighbours will do a thorough search on the vessels before they depart their ports so that they stop allowing stowaways.”

This comes at the back of yet another stowaway, Joseph Obaxi who was recently disembarked in the Tema Port, after he was found on the Panama flagged vessel, Leon M.

Joseph Obaxi, an 18yr old Nigerian stowaway who revealed this was his 7th failed attempt said he stowed away into the vessel, through the ship’s propeller at Apapa port, Lagos, Nigeria.

The Port Security Manager confirmed to Eye on Port that this same stowaway was intercepted onshore and disembarked in the Tema Port a few weeks ago, proving his resilience to be notorious in his illegal embarkation.

The 18-year-old Nigerian stowaway said he indulges in this act with the hope of reaching Europe or South Africa, for greener pastures.

Col. Punamane, reiterated that stowaways should cease in their illegal pursuit to travel overseas, as they would be caught and repatriated to their countries and subsequently punished.

“They should be really careful because this is very dangerous. If you want to travel, use the appropriate means,” he advised

Source: Ghana Web

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